Glu Mobile Games

If you have been waiting for real cash play with Glu Mobile games then you will be pleased to know that the company launched their first real money gambling game today, and with electrifying results – the American games maker has seen its shares rise by as much as twenty seven per cent in a direct reaction to the news. They have partnered up with UK mobile betting games design and operation company Probability Plc, a smart move which is sure to see them prosper in the current mobile gaming boom.

They now offer a range of apps as for free as well as this first example of their new online casino games for real cash, so they are really moving forwards with the plan to offer real gaming which launched when their partnership with Probability was announced in October. Glu already offer free iOS and Android apps which you may well recognise or have played for yourself, such as Mutant Roadkill and Deer Hunter, so it looks certain that the slot machine games that they put out next are going to be packed full of humour and great graphics just like their other games.

Online gambling is already growing strong in the UK, as Zynga and Facebook team up to offer real cash casinos on the social network and plenty of mobile apps are being released day by day in order to offer real cash gaming on the move. Users in the UK are already allowed to bet real cash on Facebook games, and thanks to new regulations in Nevada and New Jersey players in the United States may soon be able to do so as well. It looks as though we may also see other states following suit, so this is a very exciting time for the online gambling market right now and developments really are happening everywhere that you look and every time that you check the news.

Glu has said that the games will be offered in the UK through Probability’s partners, such as William Hill and Paddy Power, so you can be sure that you will see these games at a mobile casino near you very soon.